How to make acrylic pigment become thin?

Usage: it is ok to draw acrylic pigment and saturated water, too thin and dry affect the effect, cause uneven coloring, etc. This don't need any special training, a little painting base can be painted, just note or it may not be used on the wall, or gently with chalk or pencil, established in coloring, after the words according to the process of drawing is ok, don't brush, nylon hair best coach water chalk, habits, and fine river bank, when painting with color, fine point.

Acrylic pigment is a new type of painting pigment mixed with color particles by a chemical synthetic emulsion (including acrylate, methacrylate, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, as well as thickener, filler, etc.). It can be repeated layer by layer, painting a thick feeling; Can also add powder and the right amount of water, with similar gouache painting overlay overlapping, the picture is rich and clear; If a large amount of water is added to the pigment, the effect of watercolor and meticulous brushwork can be created, with layers of drying, halo, and transparent effect.

Acrylic and gouache oil paint usage is almost the same, mixed with water or mixed with acrylic solution, painted gouache or oil can be used, but the acrylic dry fast. Acrylic paints shiny, like a film, but also waterproof.