Advantages of acrylic paint

Acrylic painting should be painted on a base made of acrylic primer (GESSO), do not use oily base for painting. Material experts also do not advocate mixing acrylic and oil painting colors, especially do not paint oil paintings on acrylic bases, this is mainly for the permanent preservation of the works. There is no adverse reaction between acrylic and oil paints. When used alternately, its adhesion will be tested by time.
Water-based pigments
Water-based pigment is a new type of environmentally friendly pigment. Compared with traditional pigments, it has the advantages of non-toxic and odorless. Compared with traditional pigments, it is more in line with the concept of health and environmental protection, and has become a trend of pigments.
Oil paints
Oil paint is a special paint for oil painting, which is made by mixing and grinding pigment powder with oil and glue. Mostly sold in the market are tube installations, and they can also be self-made.
Oil paint is a material entity formed by stirring and grinding mineral, plant, animal, chemically synthesized toner and blending agent linseed oil or walnut oil. Its characteristic is that it can be dyed to other materials or attached to a certain material to form a certain paint layer. This paint layer has a certain degree of plasticity. It can form various marks and marks that the painter wants to achieve according to the use of tools. Texture. The various hues of oil paints are determined according to the hue of the toner, and the oil can play a role in making the hue of the toner slightly darker and more saturated.