Can you use acrylic paint on the exterior walls?

Acrylic paint to save time in the outdoor is not fixed, the general method and its preservation and painting method, and the onset of acrylic paint is several decades, its specific save time cannot be measured, in general the paint as much as possible with color palette, use less water, and stored in the outdoor shade can increase to save time.

Acrylic paint is a kind of special paints, also known as pure acrylic paint or plastic paint, acrylic paint at the time of use will not yellow and dry quickly, insoluble in water, but it is easy to use alcohol or turpentine wash out, there are also some people will use acrylic paint paint in the open air, but it is not clear how long.

Generally speaking, the duration of outdoor storage of propylene pigment depends on its preservation method and painting method, so there is no absolute preservation time, and its appearance time is only a few decades, so it is impossible to measure its specific storage time.

When we use acrylic pigments to paint, we should use more colors to mix colors as much as possible, and use less water to mix colors, and the outdoor storage should be placed as far as possible in a cool, ventilated and dry place, so as to reduce the degree of artificial damage, so as to increase the preservation time of acrylic paintings.