How to remove acrylic paint on clothes?

Propylene paint can be used to get on the clothes with white wine, cooling oil, gasoline, vinegar, turpentine and other appliances for the first step of processing, in conjunction with the use of laundry detergent or soap to clean off.

Don't worry if the above method still doesn't wash off. Because when it's applied to clothing, acrylic sticks to the fibers, but it doesn't irritate us.

1, use liquor or alcohol to clean

Soak the part of clothes with acrylic paint in white wine or medical alcohol and rub gently to remove the paint. However, it should be noted that only acetone or industrial alcohol can be used to clean the acrylic paint after drying.

2,Use cool oil to smear and clean

Under the condition that the clothes is not wet, drop a little cool oil on besmirch (or wind oil essence, toilet water, white wine etc.), drop a little milk on the top again after a while, wash with washing powder or soap again after a while can.

3,Use gasoline to rinse and clean

Rinse with zinc sodium water, banana water or gasoline, and then wash with soap and air dry.

4, use vinegar soak cleaning

Put clothes and vinegar on it, soak it in warm water for about two hours, and wash it with gasoline. Alcohol; Propylene can be dissolved in alcohol.


Wash the dirty areas with turpentine and then with washing powder.