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  • About Miratuso®

  • Miratuso® is a professional art supplies brand that inspires many art lovers to create, share and grow.

    Miratuso is also more concerned with your creativity and self-expression. We offer the best paint products, which are carefully selected by professional artists from all over the world to ensure our customers get the best possible painting experience.

    Whether you like to paint or enjoy doing crafts, the quality of the supplies you use will be the most important factor in the outcome of your work experience. Miratuso artist quality acrylic paints apply evenly, dry fast and keep color, it will be the best and must-have choice for any avid artist.

    We mainly deal in various painting tools, and our shop is mainly a painting box and easel.


    About The Paints

    Innovated at 1950s, acrylic paints is now become one of the most famous paints among this world. Artists can create different styles of painting by use acrylic paints only due to it’s unique purpose.

    Acrylic paints are Multi-purpose. This type of paint can be diluted by water. After dilute, acrylic paint can work like Gouache Painting, to create the light and transparent felling for paint. Otherwise, mix the paints with small amount of water, or use acrylic paints directly to show thick, oil-like effects.

    Acrylic paints are Easy to dry. Not be same as oil paints which need months to stand still, acrylic paints can dry within few minutes. Users who want need more drying time can use retardant to delay the drying time.

    Acrylic paints are brilliant and long-last. After dry, this type of paint will create a durable, elastic water-resistance firm on the surface. Thanks this purpose, artists and archaeologists can repair and maintain cultural relics by use acrylic paints.

    Acrylic paints can be use on almost every materials. No matter woods, stones, glasses, walls or ceramics, artists can start up their ideas on what they want immediately and do not need to worry about fade.


    About Painting Easel

    An easel is a structure built to support an artist’s canvas. Artists use painting easels to support a painting while they work on it or sometimes to display finished work. Useful in many situations for a variety of reasons, the easel, in all its forms, is an invention that can be found being used very far back into our world's history.

    Mention of an easel was first formally recorded as far back as the first century CE when Pliny the Elder wrote about a large panel being painted on by an artist who had propped it up on what could have only been one of the first easels.

    If you paint in oils or acrylics, look for an upright easel. An easel that tilts forward is best for working in pastels, and an easel that tilts back is ideal for watercolor painting. With so much variety in design, you're sure to find an easel to suit your needs.

    Some easels, such as tabletop easels, collapse and fold for easy storage and transport. Studio easels, like A-frame Easel, tend to be less portable. Giant easels can support heavy artwork and canvas. Smaller children's easels are available for young artists. The mini easel can be used as a photo display or a small paint stand. Wood easels are common, as are easels made from aluminum or steel.


    Acrylic Pouring Paints

    Acrylic pouring is a fascinating fluid painting technique. It is based on acrylic paint, and pouring media and other additives can be added as needed to make it into a liquid, pourable consistency.

    Acrylic paint is mixed with casting medium and provides other additives such as silicone oil. Use the cup or container of your choice, put some acrylic paint in it, and carefully mix everything until it becomes a homogeneous liquid.

    Because of the fluidity of the liquid, every paint made with cast paint is unique, and no one knows what will form until they are completely dry.

    Casual and beautiful, this creative fluid allows you to create unique painting products without complicated preparations and post-work.

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